Walt Disney World Disney Genie+ Park Guide

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Walt Disney World Disney Genie+ Park Guide

Walt Disney World Disney Genie+ Park Guide

Planning on using Disney Genie+ during your Walt Disney World vacation and not sure what rides you should make your priority? Below you will find each park’s high demand attractions for Disney Genie+.


What attractions sell out of Lightning Lane selections first?

When purchasing Disney Genie+ it is important to know that not all of the rides are treated the same. Some attractions are incredibly popular and will sell out of Lightning Lane selections faster than others. Because of this, you should know what those rides are, so you know how to prioritize your selections throughout the day.

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Please keep in mind that, every day is different. On less crowded days, some rides might not sell out until much later in the day, allowing you to pick up all the rides that you want. But during busy times of the year and when it’s very crowded in the parks, some rides will sell out first thing in the morning.

Sell-out order is listed in alphabetical order within each group. Attractions are NOT listed by priority. How you rank each ride is up to you and will vary depending on the people traveling in your party. Also, know that the “easy to get” rides should not be discounted or looked at as a waste of a selection. If someone in your party wants to ride a specific ride or the standby wait for an attraction is long but you can pick up a Lightning Lane with a return time that is very close to the current time, ABSOLUTELY grab that Lightning Lane. Selecting the “easy to get” rides not only allows you to get your money’s worth but to ensure you are maximizing your time to the fullest.

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One Final Note

These lists are just for Disney Genie+. If you are not familiar (or are maybe wondering) with the attractions at Walt Disney World, there are a handful of rides that are missing from these lists. In each park, there is a “tier 1” ride that you will have to purchase separately from Disney Genie+. These attractions are the Individual Lightning Lane selections. These rides are almost 100% guaranteed to sell out because they are so popular. Because they are not included in Disney Genie+, they are not listed. But it is important to know that if you plan to ride any of the tier 1 ones, you are going to have to purchase that Individual Lightning Lane separate from Disney Genie+, and I would suggest doing it first thing in the morning.

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