How to get a Boarding Group for a Virtual Queue

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This is a question is see ALL the time. And a lot of frustrated people, sharing how aggrated they are that they were on the app right at 7am and they still didn’t get a boarding group.

Screenshot from My Disney Experience App
Screenshot from Disneyland App

Not sure what a boarding group is? A Boarding Group is a virtual line que for the newest rides in the Disney Parks: Rise of the Resistance, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and WEB SLINGERS A Spider-Man Adventure . In order to be able to ride these new attraction, you must secure a boarding group…and it’s totally a luck of the draw. So this is a step by step guide on how to (hopefully) obtain that golden ticket… I mean boarding group.


So, the first que opens at 7am. Then there is a second que (in case you were unsucessful with the first attempt) that opens at 12pm for Disneyland Resort/Disney California Adventure Park and 1pm for Epcot. Now, you can get a boarding group from ANYWHERE, not just inside the park.

You must have a park reservation at Epcot, Disneyland Resort, or Disney California Adventure Park in order to even attempt to get a boarding group.

**At Disneyland Resort if you have a PARK HOPPER ticket, you are eligible to try during the second virtual que. So long as you have entered a park by Noon.


  • At 6:58:00 am close out all other apps on your phone.
  • Turn your phone’s WIFI off.
  • Have a watch or second phone with that displays the seconds.
  • At 6:59:30 get on the My Disney Experience app and go to JOIN boarding group.
  • Start refreshing the ride que by pulling the screen down.
  • Continue doing this every few seconds until the JOIN box appears. When you see it, start clicking.
  • Do not stop to read anything. Just keep clicking until you see your boarding group appear. Everyone in your party who has a park reservation will automatically be added.
  • If someone isn’t, see a Cast Member at a Guest Experience stand and they will fix it for you.
  • Screen shot boarding pass just in case
Screenshot from My Disney Experience App

We were lucky enough to have gotten Boarding Group 7 on our last trip!! When your boarding group is called, you will get a notification from the app letting you know that it’s time to head over to the ride and get in line. You will scan your Magicband or park ticket when you get to the entrance of the ride.


If you are unsuccessful the first time, you can try again at 12 or 1pm. I have heard from many people that getting a boarding group the second time around is much easier. So do not stress if you don’t get one the first time.

Screenshot from My Disney Experience App
Screenshot from Disneyland App
Screenshot from Disneyland App

You can also check the app to see what number boarding group they are currently on and get a little bit of an idea of when your boarding group might be called. There is no “exact” time as to when boarding groups will be called. Some days, by noon they are at boarding group 60 and other days they haven’t even made it past 27 because the ride shut down multiple times.

And thats’s really it. All that’s left is to try your luck and hopefully you’ll be just as successful as we were!

Good luck. And May the force be with you!

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