You’re going to Disney AGAIN?

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Didn’t you JUST go to Disney? You’re going AGAIN? Why do you go so much?

These are the typical responses we hear when we tell people we’re headed back to Disney. I know for some people, going to Disney is a one time thing. Or for those who have never been, just assume it’s like every other theme park. But why do we love going to Disney so much?

Why Disney?

The short answer? I come from a long line of Disney addicts. LOL Well, not “that” long considering Disneyland has only been open 3 people ago. But my Grandma went the first year it opened and then took my mom, who then took me. I’ve been going to Disney since I was 3 years old!

I grew up on Disney. We took many day/weekend trips down to Anaheim when I was a kid. So many that I can’t even possibly put a number to it. In the 90’s it definitely was a lot more affordable than it is today so it was a lot easier to go several times a year. My family always found creative ways to save up for our next Disney trip. Even as a young as 10 years old, I can remember cashing in cans for “Churro Money”. I can also remember a time when Disney wasn’t packed. We could run from Tomorrowland to Critter Country in just a couple minutes. And the time that my cousins and I rode Splash Mountain TWELVE times in one day!

The anticipation between each trip, the overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness when you enter the gates and that undescribable “magic” at Disney is unlike any other place. THAT feeling is something I wanted for my kids. People always ask when you should take your kids to Disney. And if it would be a waste if they are too young. And honestly, there is no right or wrong answer. But I can tell you, that no matter what age your kids are, seeing the magic through their eyes is THE best feeling. And even though we go a lot, every trip is different. Every trip, a new and unique memory is made and to me, it’s worth every penny.

Another reason

Besides my personal attachment to Disney. My more practical reason is, where else can you go that both you and your kids can enjoy equally? In the past, we have gone to countless other amusement parks, children’s museums, gone camping, stayed in a condo in the White Mountains, visited the beach and waterparks. Anytime we went to one of these places, either the kids were bored and whiny or we were being tortured. The inefficency of small/local amsuement parks, is so painful to us. Not to mention the cost of some of these other locations. I know people say Disney is expensive (everything is nowadays if we’re being honest) but paying 3/4 of what 1 day costs you at a Disney park, I always find myself at those other places thinking “I could have used this money towards Disney”.

We also love the Disney bubble. More so at Walt Disney World because it’s like it’s own little city. From arriving to departing, we’re in our own little oasis. Never having to drive anywhere. Dozens upon dozens of great and different foods you wouldn’t normally find in one place and being somewhere that we ALL enjoy is the song that my heart sings. The Disney bubble is what sets it apart from any other amusement park. That all encompassing feeling because no detail has been overlooked. The service you receive from every single Cast Member and the care they put into creating magic for each guest is something you just wont get anywhere else.

When it comes down to it. It’s just our happy place. And I know that place is different for everyone. But for us, getting to relive “that” feeling every time we go is what keeps us going back time and time again.

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