2023 Disney Military Veteran Discounts

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2023 Disney Military Veteran Discounts


I get it! You’re ready to plan and book your Disneyland vacation. And you want to know what Military discounts are available. All the details for the current – 2023 Disney Military Veteran Discounts are below.

Theme Park Ticket Discounts

Whether you are going to Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, any Veteran can purchase *select discounted theme park tickets.

Important Note: In order to enter any Disney theme park, regardless of whether you’re going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you will need to make theme park reservations. Because of this, you will want to purchase your Veteran Discounted Disney tickets as early as possible. For more information on Walt Disney World Theme Park Reservations, click HERE. For more information on Disneyland Theme Park Reservations, click HERE.

Where can I purchase 2023 Disney Military Veteran Discounted Tickets?

If you’re wanting to buy Disneyland tickets the ONLY option you have to purchase Veteran Discounted Disney tickets is on base/post, either at ITT or MWR. If you are looking for Walt Disney World discounted tickets you can buy them at one of two places; either at ITT/MWR or at the Shades of Green Resort.
*More information below regarding the Shades of Green Resort

Please Know: If you are trying to call to inquire about these discounted tickets, you need to reach out to an ITT or MWR office directly. Be sure you are clear that you are NOT trying to purchase the Military Salute tickets (which are only for Active Duty or Retired Service Members).

If you are Active Duty, Retired, National Guard, Reservists, or a US Coast Guard Service Member, click on the links below

If you are planning on purchasing Disney Military Discounted tickets, from now until the end 2023 it’s a good idea to know what types of tickets are available and where you can purchase those tickets. Also please make sure that when you are attempting to purchase your discounted tickets you know the expiration dates and blackout dates. Every ticketing office is different so dates and prices will vary.

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Non-Promotional Disney Military Discounted Tickets

Non-Promotional tickets are available for ALL Service Members. Honorably Discharged Veterans are eligible to purchase these discounted tickets. Non-Promotional tickets are also available to any Service Member that is eligible to purchase the Military Salute tickets. Discounted tickets are available for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. There is no limit on how many Non-Promotional tickets a Service Member can purchase, and these tickets can also be “gifted” from a Service Member to friends or family.

How can I buy these tickets if I don’t have access on base?

Non-Promotional tickets can be purchased at a local military installation ITT or MWR office. Proof of military service is required to purchase the discounted tickets, with either a DD214, VHIC (Veteran Health Identification Card), or HEC form H623A, coupled with a driver’s license/ REAL-ID or passport. Each ticketing office has their own process. You can call or email an ITT or MWR ticket office and inquire as to how you can purchase Non-Promotional tickets.

ITT & MWR Suggestions

For a full list of Military base ticket offices, check out the Military Base Ticket Office list

Ticket Options


Disneyland Veteran Discounted Tickets

Below are example prices from DLA Installation San Joaquin. As I said before, ticket prices may vary from location to location; so if you are local to a base or post and their prices are more or less know that the prices I’ve used may or may not be the same. And remember, you’re not restricted to buying these tickets at one specific location.

Ticket TypeVeteran Discounted PriceFull Price
1-Day / 1 Park with Genie+ $134.25 adult / $128.00 child $204.00 adult / $194.00 child
1-Day Hopper with Genie+ $199.50 adult / $193.50 child$269.00 adult / $259.00 child
2-Day / 1 Park with Genie+ $331.00 adult / $316.00 child$335.00 adult / $320.00 child
2-Day Hopper with Genie+ $390.00 adult / $375.00 child $435.00 adult / $415.00 child
3-Day / 1 Park with Genie+ $432.50 adult / $412.00 child$390.00 adult / $370.00 child
3-Day Hopper with Genie+ $492.25 adult / $472.50 child $495.00 adult / $475.00 child
Discounted Ticket Prices from DLA Installation San Joaquin

An important note: Tickets will become “activated” upon the first day of use and must be used within 13 days from the activation date or they will no longer be valid for park entry.

1-day 1-park tickets have Blockout dates: 2022 – 12/16/22 – 12/31/22; 12/16/23 – 12/31/23; 12/14/24 – 12/31/24
Tickets expire on December 30, 2024.
Hopper tickets have no Blockout dates. Tickets expire December 30, 2024

Walt Disney World Veteran Discounted Tickets

For Veteran Discounted tickets for Walt Disney World, you have 2 options where to purchase your tickets. Magic Your Way tickets, which can be purchased at ITT / MWR or at Shades of Green Resort. Just like the tickets for Disneyland, the prices for Walt Disney World will vary from office to office. Below are example prices from Newport MWR.

Magic Your Way Ticket Prices

Ticket TypeVeteran Discount PriceFull Price
2-Day / 1 Park$230.25 adult / $219.25 child $275.64 adult / $265.90 child
2-Day Hopper$311.25 adult / $300.25 child$345.64 adult / $335.90 child
3-Day / 1 Park$308.50 adult / $294.00 child$392.98 adult / $378.92 child
3-Day Hopper$381.25 adult / $366.75 child$467.98 adult / $453.92 child
4-Day / 1 Park$405.50 adult / $392.00 child$488.81 adult / $471.19 child
4-Day Hopper$491.25 adult / $474.75 child $573.81 adult / $556.19 child
5-Day / 1 Park$434.75 adult / $416.25 child $527.06 adult / $508.14 child
5-Day Hopper$517.50 adult / $499.00 child $612.06 adult / $593.14 child
6-Day / 1 Park$446.50 adult / $428.00 child $546.30 adult / $526.68 child
6-Day Hopper$529.00 adult / $510.75 child $631.30 adult / $611.68 child
Veteran Discount Prices from Newport MWR

An important note: Buying tickets directly from Disney, the prices may be more or less depending on the time of year. The Magic Your Way tickets are a fixed price and will be the same no matter when you will be visiting the parks; but as you can see, the more park days you buy the more money you will save.

Magic Your Way Ticket Prices at Shades of Green

Updated 1/4/2023
Updated 1/4/2023

Magic Your Way tickets do not need to be used consecutively but they will expire 14 days after the first date of use. First use must occur on or before December 31, 2023. **Plus Option visits match the number of days of your Ticket

Disney Genie+ is no longer available for advance purchase at Walt Disney World. Disney Genie+ can be purchased day of your park visit as early as 12AM (midnight).


Purchasing your tickets from Shades of Green

If this is your first time hearing about Shades of Green it is a resort ON Walt Disney World property JUST for Military Service Members and their families. Honorably Discharged Veterans and their families can stay at Shades of Green during the months of January and September.

And! As of January 2020, the Disabled Veterans Equal Access Act 2018 extends the use of Shades of Green Resort YEAR ROUND for Veterans with a VA-documented service-related injury, Purple Heart Recipients, and former prisoners of war (POW). For a full explanation of eligibility for Shades of Green Resort, please click HERE.

The Shades of Green Resort is a fantastic value for Veterans and their family members. Staying here allows you stay ON Disney Property and receive all the same benefits as a Disney Resort hotel Guest, at a much cheaper price. Be sure when looking at room rates you know that Veterans with a DD214 or under the equal access act fall under CATIII.

Looking for more information as to Why you should stay at Shades of Green, click on the link for all my reasons why.

And if you do book a room at Shades of Green, be sure to read my tips for Getting around when staying at Shades of Green.

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