5 Things you should never buy at Disney

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5 Things you should NEVER buy at Disney

It should come as no surprise that Disney is expensive. And that things are going to cost more at any theme park. But there are a handful of things that you should NEVER pay for in a Disney Park or Disney Resort Hotel, unless you like paying more for things. Utilizing grocery delivery and having these five items delivered to your resort can save you HUNDREDS on your Disney vacation.


1. Water Bottles

NEVER, EVER pay for bottled water in the parks or at a Disney Resort Hotel. The price of bottled water at Disney is now $3.75!! You can buy an entire case of water for the price of what just two bottles of water would cost you in the parks.

Bottled Water is now $3.75

Another reason you should never pay for water bottles is that there are water refilling stations throughout the parks where you can refill a reusable water bottle.

Magic Kingdom Water Refilling Location(s)

  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

Epcot Water Refilling Location(s)

  • Near the restrooms by Starbucks in World Showcase
  • Epcot Experience
  • Odyssey Events Center

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Water Refilling Location(s)

  • Near Expedition Everest ride entrance
  • Near the Flight of Passage ride entrance
  • Near the Na’vi River Journey ride entrance
  • Jambo House playground

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Water Refilling Location(s)

  • Near the Slinky Dog Dash ride entrance
  • Near the exit of Smugglers Run
  • Near the restrooms in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
  • At the bus stops/Skyliner station, outside the park

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And finally. Know that Disney offers FREE cups of ice water at all Quick Service locations, all you have to do is ask. You don’t even have to be eating there to walk in and ask for cups of ice water. And during the summer months when it’s insanely hot, do not hesitate to walk in and ask for ice water!

2 & 3. Sodas and Energy Drinks

Just like with bottled water, bottled sodas in the parks and/or at the Disney Resort Hotels are outrageously expensive. At $4.29, a single bottle of soda is nearly the same price as a 6 pack from Walmart!

🥤 If you have anyone in your party who needs an ice cold drink with every meal, you should either order bottles of soda to your resort. OR if you’re staying at Disney Resort Hotel, you can purchase a refillable mug for one flat price of $21.99 and it’s good for your entire stay.

Energy Drinks 👉🏼 If you have any energy drinkers in your party 🔊 LISTEN UP! Not only are they super hard to find in the parks (mostly sold in random carts or at the Disney Resort Hotels) but they are also double if not triple the price. For just one Monster, it will cost you $5.29! Order them ahead of time to save yourself the money and hassle of trying to find one


4. Fruit & Yogurt.

Another big markup item you should avoid buying in the parks/resorts is fruit. 🍎 🍌 If your littles (or yourself) love to snack on fruit or have fresh fruit or yogurt for breakfast. ORDER IT AHEAD OF TIME.

I was shocked at the prices for fruit. $4.69 for a 3 or 4 pack of apples and $4.19 for a 3 pack of cuties! That is double the price of what you’d pay from the grocery store. And for what you pay for a single piece of fruit, you could get a whole bag at some stores.

5. Chips & Snacks

Lastly, you should NEVER pay for snacks while at Disney. I’m not talking about a Mickey Pretzel or churro. I’m talking about chips, granola bars, crackers, PB&J etc. These are items that are also very over priced. For what Disney charges, most of these single items are almost what an entire box will cost you from the grocery store. And these are items that you can bring with you in your park bag! Most people are shocked to find out that you are allowed to bring in your own food & drinks into the parks.

There are several options for grocery delivery services. Many people use Amazon, Walmart Delivery, Instacart etc. Another option is Vacation Grocery Delivery. They are a local company that will pick up literally anything you need. They also have a $5 daily stroller rental, offer cute gift baskets and also will delivery alcohol. Alcohol is not one of the five items listed, but having adult drinks delivered to your resort is another way to save a lot while at Disney. If you use Vacation Grocery Delivery, tell them DPS Kris sent you and they will waive the fee normally associated with alcohol orders.

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