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Looking for a bite to eat but don’t want to devote a ton of time to a sit down restaurant? Then Quick Service is the way to go! Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are many dining options throughout the parks, Downtown Disney or a Disney Resort Hotel.


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What is a Quick Service restaurant?

Also referred to as Counter Service, Quick Service restaurants are locations that have an order window or lanes where you place your with a cashier (or mobile order) and a pick-up at the counter/ pick-up window. Think of it like Disneyland fast-food but much, MUCH better!

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Menu

How can I find a Quick Service restaurant?

When on the Disneyland mobile app, you can change the category options on the map to “Dining”. When you open the app, at the bottom you will see a Home icon and next to it you will see a pin. If you tap the pin icon it will bring up the park map. It will default to “Attractions”. If you tap the arrow next to it and tap “Dining” it will show you all the dining options on Disney property. In the upper left-hand corner, you will see a “Filter” option. And under “Dining Experience” there will be a “+ More Options” button which will then reveal the “Quick Service” button. Once you hit “Apply” only the Quick Service locations will appear on the map.

With over 60 Quick Service locations in Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, it’s important to know what your options are. If this is your first time visiting, or you haven’t been in a while, the food options may surprise you. And, know that not all locations offer the same types of meals and/or may only offer small snacks or drinks.


Quick Service by Park

Disneyland app screenshot
Disneyland app screenshot

Snack/Breakfast or Snack/Lunch & Dinner = Snack items that could be eaten as a meal

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventure Park


As you can see there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to breakfast in the parks at Quick Service locations. The Starbucks® on Main Street, U.S.A in Disneyland Park (aka Market House) does have breakfast sandwiches and assorted pastries if you were looking for something like that. If you are staying on Disney property or are looking for Quick Service options the in Downtown Disney District, check out those options below.

Quick Service by Resort & Downtown Disney


If you are looking for Quick Service locations in the Downtown Disney District or at any of the three Disney Resort Hotels, you can look for those locations on the Disneyland Mobile app or the Disneyland Dining page. Just as before, you can filter your dining results to show you a specific location on Disney Property.

Downtown Disney District

Disney’s Paradise Pier

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa


Disneyland Hotel

One last note! Don’t forget to Mobile Order


Mobile Order

What is mobile order? Mobile order is a feature on the Disneyland mobile app that allows you to virtually order your Quick Service meals. This is a super convenient feature, especially on those busy park days and you’ve got a hungry family ready to eat. Go onto the app and hit the + at the bottom and tap the “Order Food” button. You can then scroll through and find each Quick Service location, browse the menus and choose where you want to eat. You will select your arrival window for the Quick Service location of your choosing and then pick what entrees you want to order.

This feature is very helpful during those peak meal times when the regular take-out lines can be rather long. Or if your family is like mine and everyone wants something different. Mobile ordering allows you to order from multiple Quick Service locations without having to stand in multiple long lines and so everyone can eat at the same time.

After you’ve placed your order and your arrival window has started; you will tap “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” when you have arrived at that particular location. Then once your order is ready, you will get a notification telling you it’s ready for pick-up and a corresponding pick-up window.


You don’t “have” to use Mobile order at Quick Service restaurants but it definitely is a time saver and overall, very easy and beneficial. It also can be useful if your party splits up and wants to get food without having to give kids or family members cash. When using Mobile order, the app charges whatever debit or credit card you have saved in your account. So if you have older children who want to order food on their own, they don’t need you to be there to do so. Or, if you wanted to go into the parks without a bag/wallet, you still have a way to pay for food.


And that about covers Quick Service options at the Disneyland Resort. As I’ve said in other posts. Definitely do yourself a favor and check out each Quick Service restaurant’s menu to be sure you know where your family would want to eat; especially if you’ve got some food preferences or picky eaters in the group. It will save you a lot of time and frustration looking for somewhere to eat when you’re actually in the parks.

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