Buying & Linking Military Disneyland Tickets

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So you’re ready to head to The Happiest Place on Earth and you want to buy Military discounted tickets. But where do you start? You’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find all the details on buying Military discounted tickets, linking those tickets, and making your theme park reservations.


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When buying Military Salute tickets for Disneyland (or other Military discounted tickets) the only way to buy them now is at a Military Installation ITT or MWR office. If you are looking for pricing information on Disneyland Military Discounted tickets, click on the links below.

Buying Military Disneyland Tickets

The first step in buying your Military tickets is locating an office that sells Disneyland tickets. Depending on where you’re stationed; or if you’re a Veteran no longer in close proximity to an ITT or MWR office, your local office may not sell Disneyland tickets. But don’t worry! There are several bases out there that will allow you to purchase your tickets online.

Each ITT and MWR has its own process for submitting your ticket order. But to generalize, you’re going to call or email, you’ll get an order form that you’ll complete and send back. That office may want you to include your Military ID or some other way to verify your Military service.


If you are Active Duty or Retired, the Military Salute Tickets are going to be your best way to go. But know that each Service Member is limited to (6) promotional tickets per year. A dependent spouse can purchase these promotional tickets with their dependent ID, but know that it’s (6) tickets total… not (6) for the Service Member and (6) for the spouse. Unless you’re MIL to MIL, then both spouses can purchase tickets. These tickets will also need to be “activated” by the Service Member or spouse on the first date of use. After that, the Military member (or spouse) does not need to be present for the tickets to be used.

If you are a Veteran or you want to “gift” tickets to your family members and do not plan on going to Disneyland, the Military discounted tickets that are available do not need to be activated. When the tickets are being purchased, proof of service is required. After that, the tickets can be used by anyone. There also is no limit to how many of these discounted tickets you can purchase.

Where can I buy tickets?

So if your local ITT or MWR doesn’t sell Disneyland tickets, I suggest you check out the offices below. I also like to point out that every office has slightly different prices. So if you’re looking for the best deal, you might want to price out a couple of different locations. Also, some locations may charge a little more or a little less to ship out the tickets.

ITT & MWR Suggestions

One more important note about the differences between prices from different offices. You may find that some locations have tickets that include the new Disney Genie+ add-on. For more information on Disney Genie+, check out my Disney Genie+ at Disneyland Resort post. HOWEVER! If you purchase your tickets without Disney Genie+ but do want to utilize this add-on, you CAN pay for it later when you get there.


I’ve placed my order. Now what?

Once you’ve submitted your order, you will then receive your tickets in the mail a week or two afterward (depending on how long it takes that ITT/MWR office to process your order).

When your tickets arrive, this is how your “tickets” will look. The barcode at the top will have a series of numbers (circled in red) that you will enter into your My Disneyland account. If you don’t have an account you are going to need to create one.


Once you are logged in, hover your mouse over “My Disneyland” and you will see the “Link Tickets” option in the drop down.

*You can use the Disneyland mobile app to enter the ticket info, I just prefer to use the computer because sometimes the app can be a little glitchy

Disneyland Resort Webpage

This is where you will take that ticket number and enter each ticket number for every member of your party.


Activating Military Salute Tickets

If you purchased the Military Salute Tickets they will need to be activated the very first day of use. In order to have the tickets activated, a valid Military ID must be presented. Whether it is the Service Member or their spouse, it doesn’t matter who, as long as someone is there to show their Military ID.

On the first park day, you will get in line to enter the park as if you were any other guest. When you reach the front of the line and the Cast Member scans your tickets, you will present your Military ID, and each member of your party will have their picture taken. Then paper tickets will be printed and given to you. You don’t “need” to use them because your tickets will still be on the Disneyland Mobile App; but if your party splits up the paper tickets will come in handy of some of the people in your party don’t have the app. *Just make sure you know who’s ticket is who’s.


Park Reservations

Theme park reservations are required to enter any Disney theme park. You can only make theme park reservations once you’ve purchased and linked your tickets. When making your theme park reservations, you will make a reservation for each day that you wish to enter either Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park. If you purchase the Military Salute Ticket or a Hopper ticket you will only be making a reservation for your “morning park”. You do not need to make an additional reservation if you plan to hop to a different park later that day.

Since reservations are “subject to availability”, sometimes one or both parks might be unavailable on your travel dates. I like to check the Theme Park Reservation Availability page before settling on my dates. But, just know that currently reservations are only booking Four Months in advance. If you’re looking to go during the Holidays, school vacation weeks or the summer time, it might be good to purchase your tickets just a few weeks before and preemptively get them linked to your account. That way, when your dates open up, you can quickly go in and make your reservations.

Now that you have your tickets and have linked them to your My Disneyland account. You can make your theme park reservations. To book a theme park reservation you will select your dates and which park you wish to make your reservation for. Your reservation will be good for the entire day. So if you want to leave and return later, know that you will still be allowed to enter that park.


Once you hit continue and make your selections for your party, your reservation will be confirmed!


When you’re all done and have made your theme park reservations, you will be able to see all of your plans on the Disneyland mobile app. You can also pull up your tickets from the app, which you will show and have scanned when entering each park.

After you’ve linked your tickets and made your theme park reservations, the only other planning step you will want to do is to make your Advance Dining Reservations. These can be made 60 Days in advance at 6am EST. If you are wanting to book a character dining reservation or maybe eat at the super popular Blue Bayou, you are definitely going to want to know when your “ADR” days are. *Unlike Walt Disney World, ADRs at Disneyland Resort are made each day, when it’s exactly 60 Days. So if you’re wanting to make a different dining reservation for each day of your trip, you will have to log on each day when it’s 60 days out to make those reservations. Also, know that not every single restaurant is that hard to get a reservation for. If you don’t really have a preference and just want to make a single table service reservation for your trip, you don’t need log on every single day.

Enjoy and I hope you have a magical time!

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