Walt Disney World Table Service Restaurants

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Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre

Walt Disney World Table Service Restaurants

With nearly 100 Table Service restaurants, Walt Disney World has something for everyone. There are some truly unique restaurants that will surely add some magic to your Walt Disney World vacation.


What is a Table Service restaurant?

A Table Service restaurant is what Disney calls its sit-down restaurants. These are restaurants that you can (and definitely will want to) make reservations for. You will find table service restaurants in every park, as well as Disney Springs.

There are a couple different types of table service restaurants and many, many different cuisines. These restaurants offer some truly unique dining experiences that will excite the whole family.

What are the different types of Table Service restaurants?

  • Buffet
    • Standard Buffet, all you can eat
  • Casual Dining
    • Regular sit-down, A La Carte offerings
  • Character Dining
    • Typically Breakfast or Dinner with a variety of Disney characters. Meals are buffet (haven’t resumed due to Covid), family style or Pre-Fix.
  • Family Style
    • A full meal for the entire family. Served as “all-you-care-to-enjoy”, meaning you can order as much of anything as you like.
  • Fine/Signature Dining
    • Unique, upscale, and/or sophisticated dining at a higher price point

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Other Great Topics

On the Disney Dining website, and the My Disney Experience app, you can filter all of the Dining options. Depending on what type of meal you are looking for, you can filter it for Table Service, quick service, lounges, and even food trucks! If you are looking specifically for what restaurants are character dining, filter your options by checking the character dining box. You can also filter your options for a specific park, resort, or Disney Springs.

If you are planning your first Walt Disney World trip, I highly suggest familiarizing yourself with all the dining choices. Go on and look at the menus to be sure you like the food. As I said before, Walt Disney World has 100 Table Service restaurants. And these 100 restaurants can offer some very unique food options. It is Disney after all; so if you have picky little ones, there is always going to be something kid-friendly.

Also, keep in mind that people’s food preferences are very different. Meaning, if your friend from work went to Walt Disney World last month and raved about Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre, it doesn’t always mean you’re going to love it. Be sure you look at all the menus and know if it’s something you and your family are going to like. I always tell first-time guests that some of the Table Service restaurants are more about the experience and less about the food. So keep that in the back of your mind when someone gives you their opinion on a specific place


Table Service Restaurants by Park

Magic Kingdom


The Hollywood Brown Derby

Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom


Advance Dinging Reservations

Also known as ADRs, are very crucial for some Table Service restaurants. There are some very popular restaurants at Walt Disney World and the only way to get in is by making an Advance Dining Reservation. ADRs can be made 60 days in advance at 5:45am EST online (previously 6am EST so if times aren’t immediately available keep refreshing) or 7am EST by phone. If you are making your ARDs online, you can do so on the My Disney Experience app or the Disney Dining website. For guests staying at a Disney Resort, you can make your ADRs 60 Days from your check-in date PLUS the length of your stay (or up to 10 days). This gives on property guests a huge advantage when securing those hard-to-get ADRs.

What are those hard-to-get reservations?

  • Be Our Guest
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • California Grill
  • Oga’s Cantina
  • Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre
  • Topolino’s Terrace
  • ‘Ohana
  • Space 220
  • Yak & Yeti (not always but definitely can be hard to get)

Also, BE AWARE that just by having an Advance Dining Reservation doesn’t guarantee entry into a park. The only guarantee in to a park is by having a park reservation. So this takes a little planning foresight. Either make reservations for the park you have reservations for that day, or make dinner reservations and hop to whatever park that is. Again, keep in mind that you’re not guaranteed to get in if that park is at capacity. However, I’ve yet to hear of someone not being able to gain entry once park hopping hours have started. But that is a decision for you to make.


Pro Tip: If you are staying on property and have Jedi traveling in your party who has to go to Oga’s Cantina, try booking it for a day further into your trip rather than the first day of your trip. Your day 64 is going to have a lot more reservation times available than day 60. If you are attempting to get one of these super popular restaurant reservations; instead of scrolling through all of the reservations available that day, use the search bar to pull up that restaurant and you can find a reservation much faster.

Menu Prices

Another important thing to point out is that some of these restaurants can come with some jaw-dropping prices. For my family, we try to balance the number of Table Service restaurants with the number of Quick Service restaurants. As a family of 4, the check can quickly stack up. I like to look at the menus of restaurants we are interested in and get an idea of how much our check would be. Some table service like the buffets, family style, and Pre-Fix have a set price and can be a little expensive (again, experience…memories). Personally, I just like to check out the menu and get an idea of what it would cost so I can decide how many Table Service restaurants we are going to eat at during that trip.


And Remember!

Sharing meals is completely fine at Disney. The only time you can’t is at a buffet or family style restaurants. Those are priced per person and there’s no getting around that. But anywhere else, sharing is completely fine. Disney portions are HUGE! If you have small children that don’t eat a lot, sometimes it’s cheaper to order them an adult entrée and have them share it. So be sure to do the math and make sure you’re coming out ahead and not overspending by ordering an adult meal or by ordering 2 kids meals.

Lo Mein at Yak & Yeti

Another sharing tip is an adult sharing with a child and saving yourself the cost of a child entrée. If you don’t have a huge appetite or aren’t feeling particularly hungry, most adult entrées are very large and more than likely more than you could ever finish on your own. Share! If my husband and I are having a hard time deciding on what to eat or want to try a lot of things, we will share. That way we can try the poutine, Canadian cheddar cheese soup, and filet mignon at Le Cellier and not break the bank.

Aunt Liz’s Golden Fried Chicken at 50’s Prime Time Café

Again, there are 100 table service restaurants at Walt Disney World. I cannot stress it enough. Do your homework. Don’t eat somewhere just because someone else told you that you should. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to walk up and get in at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Know where you want to eat, what days you will want to be making Advance Dining Reservations for, and what day your ADR window opens up. And lastly, don’t break the bank by ordering too much food. Remember that sharing is caring! When in doubt, ask your Cast Member how large the plates are. If you just filled up on a popcorn bucket, you may not finish a 4 piece fried chicken plate at 50’s Prime Time Café.

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