Planning an Adults Only Disney World Trip

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Planning an Adults Only Disney World Trip

Adults Only Disney World trip? YES! Over the years, Disney parks have evolved from a day trip to an amusement park to an all-encompassing vacation destination. So much, that now it’s become a popular spot for Engagements, Bachelorette party trips, Honeymoons, 21st birthdays, and everything else in between.

My husband and I love our Adults Only Disney trips and let me tell you, we always have a BLAST! We have been on other adult only trips like to Las Vegas or romantic spa getaways in the mountains and don’t get me wrong, we love those types of trips too. However, Adults Only Disney trips just hit differently, because you’re in Disney!

Regardless if you had been already planning an adults only Disney trip or this is a completely new idea, this post will go over pretty much everything you need to know 😉

What to do on an Adults Only Walt Disney World Trip?

So what can you do on an Adults Only Walt Disney World trip? Well, pretty much anything you would do on any other trip, and more! If you are someone who loves Disney and enjoys good food, great drinks, getting pampered at the spa, sunbathing by the pool, or even shopping, you can find all of that on a Disney vacation. OR! If you have been to Walt Disney World before with your kids and didn’t get to do all the things you wanted to, an Adults Only trip is the time to do all those things you couldn’t do when you’re trying to cater to your little ones.

Lounge by the pool

One of my favorite vacation activities is to lounge by the pool, soak up that Florida sun, and sip on an ice-cold cocktail. Disney Resorts Hotels make it incredibly easy to sit by the pool all day. They have cocktail servers that come around and serve you food and drinks that you can charge right to your room, so you don’t even have to worry about bringing your wallet.

You can also find multiple pools at Disney Resort Hotels, one of which is usually less popular with families traveling with children, so you can expect that pool to be a little quieter. Where you stay really plays a factor in that because Moderate & Deluxe Resorts generally have a main pool with a water slide and splash pad and then a second pool that is less “fun” or appealing to kids. Whereas Value Resorts do not have water slides or splash pads, making it trickier to guess what pool will be less crowded. So the pools without water slides are always my go-to when we’re without kids.

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Pick the right place to stay

I know everyone always says “it’s just a place to sleep” but personally, I think where you stay can totally make or break any vacation.

With over 25 Disney Resort Hotels, and countless off property options, where you stay really can impact your whole trip. The Disney Resort Collection has several different price points so you can still stay within your budget while staying on Disney Property. Keep in mind that the Value Resorts are typically busier with families because of their affordability.

Make sure you do your research and look into all of the resorts. Check out all the amenities each resort has and the dining options. If you plan to resort hop, you might want to look at the resorts in the Epcot Resort Area so you can easily walk from resort to resort. Or if you really want to spoil yourself, you could stay at one of the three Monorail Loop Resorts and you can ride the Monorail from resort to resort.

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Unwind with a Massage

A lot of people are shocked to hear that there are Spas at Walt Disney World, but there are in fact multiple Spa locations on Disney property. I don’t know about other people but for me, getting a Massage while being on vacation is a MUST! Not to mention, after walking through the parks all day and around the World Showcase (which that alone is 1.2 miles) your feet are going to need a little Swedish deep-tissue TLC! There are only a handful of Disney Resort Hotels that have a Spa. So if getting a Massage is something you know you will want to do, staying at a Disney Resort Hotel that does have a Spa might be something you want to know before booking or where a particular Spa is located.

Do the most!

You’re at Disney after all, you’re more than likely going to get on some rides. As much as I love eating & drinking around the World Showcase in Epcot and shopping in Disney Springs, let be real, I’m at Disney to ride some rides! One way to do the most and really maximize your time s by attending an After Hours event or a Holiday party.

After Hours events or Holiday parties are a great way to be able to do a little bit of everything during a Disney vacation without having to sacrifice something. Since these events have a limited capacity and the park is typically open later than usual, this allows you to accomplish a lot more with much shorter wait times than during regular park hours.
On the day of one of these events, you could either not use one of your park days and sleep in, enjoy Disney Springs, the pool, or get a Massage and then go into the park and ride some rides. OR, you can still head to the parks during the day and hit up the After Hours event and really maximize your day with tons of rides, characters, and tasty treats.

Disney Genie logo featuring the face of Disney Genie

Another way to do the most during your Adults Only trip is to pay for Disney Genie+. You’re going to have to wait no matter what but depending on when you go to Walt Disney World, it could be REALLY busy and the standby wait times can be anywhere from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or even upwards of THREE hours! Paying for Disney Gene+ will help you avoid those super long lines and do more of what you want to be doing, which is actually riding rides and eating some super good food at a fun table service restaurant.

Eat at a Fine Dining Restaurant

Like I said before, Disney parks have changed a lot over the years and more specifically, in the way of food. Now, food has become a huge focal point in the Disney parks and you can eat at some AMAZING restaurants. Walt Disney World has over 20 Fine/Signature Dining restaurants and over 40 Unique/Themed restaurants. All with some of the most interesting, unique, and traditional style foods depending on your preferences. And some of the best steaks, sushi, pizza, pasta, salad, etc. I’ve ever had!

Fine Dining restaurants are not just for adults. But as a mom of two boys, I know sometimes sitting down for a nice, expensive meal just isn’t what your kids want to do. Personally, I like to go to any Fine Dining restaurants when it’s just me and my husband so we can actually enjoy our meals. An Adults Only trip is the perfect time to eat somewhere new or really splurge and eat at an expensive restaurant you normally wouldn’t with the whole family.


Epcot International Festivals

Another great way to enjoy all the food and drinks at a Disney park is to plan your trip during a festival. Epcot has 4 different festivals that take place throughout the year. All of which have dozens of different food booths that feature different menu items each year, during each festival.


Other Great Topics

What is Disney Genie+?

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival; which in my opinion is THE best time to go, has so much delicious food and adult beverages in over 30 different food booths! There is also the Epcot Festival of the Arts where you can not only eat and drink around the World Showcase, you can also enjoy hundreds and hundreds of different Disney themed works of art by some amazingly talented artists. If you love flowers and music, Epcot Flower & Garden Festival is the time to go and gaze upon beautiful topiaries and creative menu items at all of the different food booths. And last but not least is the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays. During the Festival of the Holidays, you can walk around the World Showcase and take in all of the different Holidays traditions from many different countries, and delight in their seasonal foods and treats.


Go to Disney Springs

Whether you’re there with a group or just your significant other, there is SO MUCH to do at Disney Springs. With 103 places to shop, 64 spots to eat or drink, and 25 different shows/events/attractions, Disney Springs is a great stop for any Adults Only trip. I always suggest a break day during any Disney vacation and heading to Disney Springs is definitely one of the things I like to do on a break day. You could literally spend an entire day just in Disney Springs (and save yourself the price of a park ticket but still be in Disney). I also like to head to Disney Springs on our arrival/departure days. This way if we couldn’t plan for a break day, we can still enjoy good food and maybe even some live entertainment to kick off or put a great end to our magical vacation.


A great time to go to Disney Springs is on the weekend. There are several restaurants that offer some amazing Brunch menus. One of which is the House of Blues where you can get BOTTOMLESS Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s for just $16!! Brunch there is from 10am – 2pm. If you are looking for somewhere to eat that serves breakfast a little earlier, you can head to Ragland Road where breakfast starts a 9am.

Another great Brunch option is City Works Eatery & Pour House where they have a build your own Mimosa flight and over 90 beers, wines, and ciders on tap! They also have several huge TVs, so it’s a great spot to sit and watch a game.

There are obviously so many options as to what you can do on a Disney World vacation so the possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out other posts to get the full details on Disney Dining, Disney Resort Hotels, Break Days and so much more!

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2 thoughts on “Planning an Adults Only Disney World Trip

  1. Hi Kristin. my parents are 82 years young and Disney is their absolute favorite place. Our family (8 adults) wants to go with my parents to Disney one last time. Can you recommend accommodations that we either all can stay or split between 2 rooms of 4 for an economical stay inside the park? Thanks! My information is below.

    1. Hi Rob. Thanks for asking. If you’re looking for On Property accommodations, I know plenty of people that have rented DVC points. DVC Resorts often sleep more people and have kitchens so you can try and save some money on food in the parks by making meals at the resort. I’ve also heard of people using sites Expedia and Travelocity to book Disney Value & Moderate Resorts for much cheaper. I’ve not used either personally, I do know plenty of people who have booked and saved a ton this way. Might be worth looking into.
      I hope this helps.

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