2021 – 2022 Disneyland Military Discounts

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2022 Disneyland Military Discounts

Disneyland Military Discounts are back! These discounts can definitely help your family travel to The Happiest Place on Earth on a reasonable budget. So what are the discounts?


Military Salute Tickets

Military Salute Tickets are specialty discounted tickets exclusively for Active Duty, Retired Service Members, National Guard, Reservists, and US Coast Guard Members.

If you have never bought Military Salute tickets before and are unsure of the fine print, be sure to read details page all about Eligibility specifics.

The Military Promotional Tickets are offered in 2 different options. You can either purchase a 3 day Hopper Ticket for $225/person or a 4 Day Hopper Ticket for $260/person

These promotional tickets can be purchased at any participating Military Installation ITT or MWR. If you are not stationed in California or near a California Installation, your local ITT or MWR may or may not sell Disneyland tickets. So you might need to contact one; like Camp Pendleton, Nellis AFB or March AFB that have ITT offices and sell these discounted tickets. Also, keep in mind that every ITT and MWR office has their own procedure for ordering tickets and might have slightly different prices. So if you are looking for the best price, know that you can check out other office’s prices (and the shipping cost can vary).

ITT & MWR Suggestions

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2021 -2022 Disneyland Military Salute Ticket Prices

  • 3-Day Military Hopper $225/person
    • Family of 4 = $900

  • Full Price 3-Day Hopper $390 or $370/ person
    • Family of 4 = $1,520
  • Savings of $620
  • 4-Day Military Hopper $265/ person
    • Family of 4 = $1,040

  • Full Price 4-Day Hopper $420 or $400/ person
    • Family of 4 = $1,640
  • Savings of $600


Promotional tickets are good through July 6th, 2021 to December 16th, 2022. HOWEVER, there are a few blackout dates during the Christmas Holiday season (12/17/21 – 12/31/21) and again during Easter/Spring Break (4/9/22 – 4/17/22).

Another important note about these discounted tickets is that Military Members AND their spouses are limited to (6) Promotional Tickets per Service Member/HOUSEHOLD. MIL to MIL families can purchase (6) tickets per Service Member. One of the six must be used by the Military Member or Spouse. So if your spouse is deployed and you are taking your kids and are not the Service Member, you can still purchase the tickets and go. And remember to bring your Military ID as a Valid Military ID is REQUIRED.

Other Discounted Tickets

There are other discounted tickets that you can purchase from some ITT or MWR offices. If you exceed your allotted (6) Military Salute Tickets, these would be your next best bet to save little on your Disneyland Park Tickets.

Disneyland Park Ticket List at Nellis AFB

These tickets also give you a little more options than the Military Salute. Maybe you’re only going to be able to go to the Parks for one day and you don’t need to buy 3-Day Hopper Tickets.

Even though these tickets aren’t as discounted they are a fixed price. Buying tickets directly from Disney, the prices can vary on the day/month. For example, a 1-Day Weekend Hopper Ticket is $219 and a 1-Day Weekday Hopper Ticket is $164. This would give you a potential savings of $10-$65 per person.


One last reminder. Know that you will need to make a Park Reservation once you receive your tickets and link them to a Disneyland account. So be sure to account for the shipping time if you order your promotional tickets and have them mailed to you. And also, that you’re not wating until the week of to buy your tickets under the assumption you will be able to just walk right in since you purchased a ticket. If the parks are full and no more reservations are available, you will not be allowed to enter. So it’s best to give yourself plenty of time to make those reservations, especially if you’re going during a holiday weekend or school vacation.

Military Room Discount

Just like the discounted tickets, Disney is offering a Room Discount at any of the 3 Resorts on Disney Property. The discounts are a little arbitrary and don’t always follow a set percentage. But in past years the discounts were as follows:

  • Up to 30% off at The Grand Californian Resort and Spa
  • Up to 35% off at The Disneyland Hotel
  • Up to 40% off at The Paradise Pier Hotel

Again, just like the tickets, the Room Discount has some restrictions when it comes to blackout dates. This current discount is available from July 6th, 2021 until December 16th, 2022. There are also Eligibility requirements so please make sure you read the details page to confirm your Eligibility.


Remember that either the Service Member or Spouse must be present at check-in and will need to present their Military ID. You are able to book (2) rooms with this discount, just know that the Service Member or Spouse must be staying in one of the rooms.

An important tip: The room discount is subject to availability. There is a chance that not all of the resorts will be available for your travel dates so it’s best to be flexible on the resort, if you’re adamant about staying on Disney property. And if you can, book your room reservation as early as possible because only a certain number of rooms are available for the discount each day. Also, be aware that the only way to receive the Military Room Discount is by calling Disney directly.

Off Property Discounts

If you price out the Disney Resorts and even with the discount you find that the cost is above what you’re willing to pay, don’t forget to check to see if any Good Neighbor hotels offer a Military Discount. There are several hotels directly across the street that are almost the exact same walking distance as the Paradise Pier to the front entrances.

Most of the Good Neighbor hotels or hotels in the general area offer Military Discounts. Some you can apply on your own through the hotel’s webpage or by calling the reservation line and asking for a quote. Keep in mind that you will need to book that reservation directly with that hotel and not through Disney website. The Good Neighbor Hotel page or search engines like Expedia or Priceline are great tools to see what is in that area, but always go directly to that hotel’s webpage to book and receive the discount.

One Last Discount

Another discount to consider calling and asking about is for transportation. Depending on how you will be traveling to Disneyland; if you are taking a Shuttle from the airport, it never hurts to call and ask if the Shuttle company offers a Military Discount. Most shuttle companies or car services do offer these discounts if you call and ask. Also, if you are driving and renting a car. Most rental companies offer a Military Discount. I know that as a member of USAA we are able to book a rental car with a Military Discount for a decent savings.

And that’s it for now. If any other Military Discounts are announced for Disneyland, this post will be updated so that anytime you are planning a Disneyland trip and want to know what the discounts are, you will have the most up to date information.

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