Where to buy Military Discounted Disney Tickets

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Where to buy Military Discounted Disney Tickets

Thinking of planning a Disney vacation for your Military family and wanting to buy discounted tickets? Are you retired and not sure where to buy tickets? Or maybe the military installation you’re assigned to doesn’t have a ticket office. This post has all the information you need on what types of Military Discounted Disney tickets are available to you and where you can buy them.


Types of Military Discounted Disney Tickets

If you are unfamiliar with Military Discounted Disney Tickets, there are currently two different options. Depending on where you are buying your tickets, there might only be one option. So if you are looking for a certain type of ticket and do not see it at that ticket office, you should check with another ITT or MWR ticket office.

Important Note: In order to enter any Disney theme park, regardless of whether you’re going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you will need to make theme park reservations. Because of this, you will want to purchase your Military Discounted Disney tickets as early as possible. For more information on Walt Disney World Theme Park Reservations, click HERE. For more information on Disneyland Theme Park Reservations, click HERE.

Walt Disney World 2022 Military Salute Tickets

Military Promotional Tickets – A.K.A Military Salute Tickets

The Military Promotional Tickets are for Eligible Service Members who are Active Duty or Retired members of the U.S. military, including the National Guard, Reservists, and the U.S. Coast Guard, 100% Disabled Veterans (as well as a few others). These Promotional Tickets are available for purchase for both Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort. For Walt Disney World these discounted tickets can be purchase at Shades of Green or an ITT/MWR ticket office. For Disneyland Military Promotional Tickets (currently) the only place you can purchase them is at an ITT or MWR ticket office.

To confirm edibility, review the Military ID Guide (Note: It says Walt Disney World but this applies to Disneyland as well)

Non – Promotional Tickets

If you’re wanting to buy Disneyland tickets the ONLY option you have to purchase Veteran Discounted Disney tickets is on base/post, either at ITT or MWR. If you are looking for Walt Disney World discounted tickets you can buy them at one of two places; either at ITT/MWR or at the Shades of Green Resort.
*More information below regarding the Shades of Green Resort

Please Know: If you are trying to call to inquire about the Non – Promotional discounted tickets, you need to reach out to an ITT or MWR office directly. Be sure you are clear that you are NOT trying to purchase the Military Salute tickets (which are only for Active Duty or Retired Service Members).

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Where can I buy Military Discounted Disney Tickets?


How can I buy discounted tickets if I don’t have access on base?

You can purchase Non-Promotional tickets at many local military installation ITT or MWR offices. You may be asked to provide proof of military service, as it is required to purchase discounted tickets. Acceptable forms can be a DD214, VHIC (Veteran Health Identification Card), or HEC form H623A, coupled with a driver’s license/ REAL-ID or passport. Each ticketing office has their own process. There are a number of offices that sell discounted tickets online. You can call or email an ITT or MWR ticket office and inquire as to how you can purchase Non-Promotional tickets.

Shades of Green Attraction Ticket Office

If you have never heard of Shades of Green, it is a Military Resort on Walt Disney World property. The resort has it’s own Attraction Ticket Office and is a Walt Disney World Authorized Ticket Seller. Meaning, you can purchase activated Walt Disney World tickets instead of ticket vouchers – which is what you will get from an ITT/MWR office.

**Ticket vouchers still allow you to make your Theme Park Reservations, but will need to be activated at a Guest Relations window before park entry.

Online ticket sales can be completed by filling out the Order Form and sending it back to the Shades of Green Attraction Ticket Office. Depending on how busy the ticket office is, a ticket agent will contact you within a couple of days, sometimes even a week, to process your payment and complete your order.

If you are a Veteran with a DD214 (using your discharge papers as proof of your Military service) and are not staying at Shades of Green, tickets can only be purchased in person in January or September. If you are staying at Shades of Green in January or September, you can purchase your tickets online, at any time, once you have a Shades of Green reservation.

TIP: Veterans not staying at Shades of Green and wanting to buy their discounted tickets in advance should buy their tickets from an ITT/MWR office

If you have any other ticket related questions, please drop a comment below and I will do my best to help.

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