Sponsoring Rooms at Shades of Green

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Sponsoring rooms at Shades of Green

Sponsoring Rooms at Shades of Green

Headed to Shades of Green with your extended family or friends and sponsoring rooms? Maybe you’re considering staying at Shades of Green and you’re not completely sure how it all works? All the details regarding sponsoring rooms at Shades of Green are below.


What does it mean to “sponsor a room”?

Shades of Green is for Active, Retired, and Former members of the U.S. Armed Forces, their families, and other authorized users. To stay at Shades of Green, you must meet the eligibility requirements. However, if you are a Military Service Member (or dependent spouse with a Military ID), you can bring your extended family and/or friends with you even if they do not meet the eligibility requirements, by “sponsoring” them. You will have to book sponsored rooms, under your name, for your family/friends.

How many rooms can you sponsor?

Each eligible sponsor can book up to three (3) rooms. So including your own room, you can book up to two additional rooms. However! If you and your spouse both have a Military ID (even a dependent ID) you can book a total of six (6) rooms – one being for you and the other five for your friends and family.
**Keep in mind that availability at Shades of Green can be very limited during certain dates. So if you are planning on booking multiple rooms, it’s best to do so as early as possible.

Room rates for sponsored guests

Depending on what rate category the sponsor falls under, that will determine the room rate for sponsored rooms.

  • Rooms for sponsored guests of Rate Category I will be charged at Rate Category II rates
  • Rooms for sponsored guests of Rate Category II & Rate Category IIII will be charged the same rates
  • Rooms for sponsored guests of Honorably discharged veterans staying during January or September under the Salute to Our Veterans program will be charged at Rate Category III rates

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Checking In

Shades of Green Front Desk

Since Shades of Green is a military resort property, a Military ID is required at check-in. The sponsor must be present during check-in and will need to verify their eligibility by presenting their Military ID (VHIC, DD214 or other forms for proof of service). You will then be given a Resort ID card which gives you access to the resort and to use Shades of Green transportation.

Shades of Green does have Force Protection practices in place. There is a guarded gate with controlled access to the resort. Every adult guest will need to show a Military ID or a Government-issued ID. All adults including Service Members, dependent spouses, and/or sponsored guests will be given a Shades of Green Resort ID card upon check-in that they will need to show along with a Military ID or Government-issued ID.

With the Shades of Green Resort ID card, sponsored guests can use the Shades of Green busses and/or enter the resort property without the sponsor being present.

What if the sponsor & sponsored guests arrive at different times?

Since the sponsor must be present at check-in, sponsored guests will not be able to check-in until the sponsor arrives. Sponsored guest reservations must match the sponsor’s reservation or have an arrival date after, and must depart before or on the same day as your reservation. In other words, sponsored guests reservations can be fewer days than the sponsors but never longer.

If the sponsor and sponsored guests are not traveling together and the sponsored guests will be arriving before the sponsor:

  • Make sure you call Shades of Green before your trip and give a Shades of Green reservationist the names of all the adults in the sponsored room(s)
  • Send the sponsored guests a copy of their reservation confirmation so they can show it to the gate guard upon arrival
  • Sponsored guests can drop off their luggage at the Bell Hop window
  • Sponsored guests can dine at any of the dining locations at Shades of Green without the sponsor being present
  • Sponsored guests can use the pool without the sponsor being present

Inside the Shades of Green Resort is an AAFES Exchange. There are plenty of souvenirs, clothing, toiletries, snacks, water bottles, energy drinks, sodas, and more. The Exchange also sells ponchos, swim diapers, regular diapers, laundry detergent, paper plates & plastic cutlery, and pretty much anything else you might need. All of these things, sponsored guests can buy without needing a Military ID or the sponsor being present.

The only items that sponsored guests can not buy; because a Military ID is required to purchase, is alcohol and tobacco products. The Exchange does have a variety of beer, wine, and spirits. All of which are similarly priced to what you would find on base/post and is tax-free (which is why a Military ID is required).

Adjoining/Connecting Rooms

Adjoining rooms are available at Shades of Green. When booking your rooms, you can request adjoining rooms in the Additional Details and Preferences box.

Note: When requesting adjoining rooms, know that it is only a request and can not be guaranteed until check-in. If the request can not be made, you can always ask to be in the same wing and/or floor so your party isn’t too spread out over the resort.

If you have any specific questions that I did not answer, please feel free to drop a comment below and I will be happy to try and help!

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